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Mondays 6-8 pm CST on Zoom  2020

1. watch video

2. submit application

3. for FREE you will receive 2 time tracking tools and wellness quiz. You will be notified if you are accepted.

Group Coaching Application
Create Calm and Certainty for YOU 
Are you currently experiencing
Are you a female professional in medical or mental health?
Would you like to
I understand this is a valuable, paid program. I will receive cost details if my application has been approved. I will be given the choice to decline if my application is approved.
Are you available Monday nights 6:00 CST - 8:00 CST for Zoom a group call and do you have reliable internet access?

Thanks for submitting! You will receive an email with

2 time tracking tools and the Fitness Relationship and Confidence Stopwatch quiz for free! You will be notified if we have openings and if you application was accepted for the group. 

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