Blissful Balance

Updated: May 12

If you are like most adults, you struggle with the blissful balance between work and family life. This is completely understandable given the mounting responsibilities many professionals, spouses, significant others, parents, and grandparents face. Here is a practical way to quickly narrow down the chaos, stress and time limitations you experience.

Approach your life as if you were a college professor. It is okay if you are not an instructor. You simply need to apply the genius principle they use when grading papers. There is a rubric - which includes specific components that need to be incorporated and the grade is based on this formula. So, if you want an A in life, pay attention.

Create your own rubric for life, that is unique to your values, beliefs, spirituality, culture, and passion. Here is an example. You determine:

1) time with family

2) personal growth

3) career satisfaction

4) financial security and

5) a fulfilling fitness routine

are key principles in your life. As you are moving throughout your day, pay attention to the task you are doing and if it applies to any of these key principles. Here is a scenario to demonstrate. A neighbor messaged and said she is stopping by after work. You immediately panic, consider how messy your house is. When you get home from work, instead of checking in with loved ones and showing them you missed them, you begin frantically cleaning the house because you are concerned about "what the neighbor will think if your house is messy." While it is healthy and calming to have a clean and organized home, be sure to put it in perspective. Perhaps your teenager just had an awful day at school and is feeling overwhelmed and sad. Is it more important to have a perfectly clean house when your neighbor stops in, or show up for your daughter in a way that demonstrates unconditional love and support?

It is easy to fill your life with tasks that do not contribute to what is genuinely important to you (items in your rubric.) Doing so is sure to create an imbalance between work and home, making you feel like you are getting a D in life! Try incorporating more habits that pertain to your rubric and eliminate the distractions. When you dedicate your precious, limited energy, to what is most crucial to you, it feels like you are getting an A in life!

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