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I always feel so grateful and fortunate when I meet new friends. Often, I am so surprised at how quick and easy some friendships develop, in certain circumstances. For me those circumstances are often tied to sport because I can relate to others with the same passion and I feel we are wired in the same unique fashion. I can show up to a random running group and be welcomed with open arms, all while exploring a new trail or terrain I have never seen before. Across the world there are masters swim groups who ceremoniously complete their morning workout while chatting in between sets. Not to mention the awesome open water swimmers who are always up for adventure and don’t seem to care that I never brush my hair before showing up! You see, I may feel like I don’t fit in most places, and I am okay with that. From my heart to yours, I hope you find your own “people,” who ever they are. That sense of camaraderie, lightness, easy going no-judgement and humor only those within your culture would understand, is one of the best parts of life!

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