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Go Ahead - Be Scared of Your Goals

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Fear, anxiety, worries and being scared of a your goal is a sign you might be doing the right thing. Often times finding the courage to commit to something you have always wanted to do can be enough to prevent us from starting the process.

Not sure if you are ready to make a change or promise yourself you will achieve that goal? Here are some signs you may be ready to take the leap:

1) You have been thinking about it for a long time, maybe even years.

2) Others who have completed this task are fascinating to you and you seek them out. For example, if you have never run a 5k before you find yourself asking random strangers wearing a race shirt about their experience.

3) You tend to watch movies, listen to podcasts, watch Youtube videos or read books about this particular subject.

4) Many of your social media followings are related to this dream of yours.

5) Often you find yourself trying to figure out how to accomplish your goal. Perhaps by calculating the financial cost, time you would need to dedicate, what you may need to give up in return.

It is easy to allow excuses to stop us from pursuing our goal, for example, it is to expensive to buy a bike for a triathlon. I always encourage people to think of this in a different way, such as, if you do not take care of your physical health, how much money will you be spending in medical bills?

Just remember, if your goals are exciting or scare you, chances are, you are on the right path!

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