Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Imagine you are getting ready to nail your max on an overhead squat. You are slowly adding weight on, building up to a one time lift of a heavy weight. Or, you are psyching yourself up to hall that dresser down the stairs by yourself (okay so maybe I should not have done that yesterday.) You are thinking only positive thoughts in your mind, you KNOW you can do it. You have visualized how great it will feel to enter that new max weight in your phone, app, notebook... and how much stronger you are going to feel hiking up those stairs to your office.

Have you ever thought about the strength and power of your mind?

It's kind of funny to imagine what weight you would choose if you could set your brain on the bench to see how much power is really in there.

What fascinates me is that the way we think about things, perceive situations and talk to ourselves plays a tremendous role in the quality of our life. Even more fascinating is that we can do EXERCISES for our mind! Here is a daily skill to help you take advantage of the power of your mind and feel great!

Start every day a consciously choosing what is important to you. I do not mean the long to-do list we often clutter with meaningless tasks and ultimately waste so much of our precious time doing. Look at your agenda for the day. If you notice 15 things on that list that will not provide meaning to your life and not one item on the list is affiliated with the people or animals you love or a career/mission you are passionate about, you have a problem. Imagine adding up countless days in your life when you do not specifically choose how you want to spend every moment. Will you look back on your life and be satisfied, fulfilled, content in what you have given to the world? Will you be proud of the relationships you nurtured? Or will you be full of regret?

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