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More Time

So many of my clients tell me, I just wish I had more time. Ultimately our daily decisions, such as scrolling through Instagram versus giving our little one a piggyback ride, dictate how we will experience life. When we are cautious and intentional with how every minute of our time is spent, we no longer feel as though we do not have enough time.

Your mindset determines many outcomes for you. One can choose to add to the anxiety and panic when so many of us are asked to stay home or use these moments to your advantage.

Here are some examples of positive mindsets you can implement during these mandated closings:

1) A daily 1.5 hour commute that I will not be driving gives me 7.5 hours this week to tackle that project I have been putting off: writing another chapter in my book, helping my son rearrange his room, painting the bathroom with my significant other…

2) Instead of falling prey to the vending machine snacks and soda when I am exhausted in the middle of my workday, I will prepare a healthy meal to enjoy with my family at home.

3) In lieu of cancelled events, my loved ones and I can reminisce with photo albums/online pictures.

4) I will ask myself; how can I improve, learn and evolve from this situation? For example, I have been afraid to allow my employees to work from home because I am concerned I will not be able to give them enough support. Now that working from home is required temporarily, I will be able to explore options of how to support my employees remotely.

5) I accept there are factors are out of my control and understand that focusing on the negative and constantly worrying will not change the situation. I will examine carefully what I have control over and do my best to use my strengths and talents as needed, to provide the best possible outcome for myself, loved ones and my community.

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