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You are afraid of what?

Heights, spiders, crowds, germs, success, failure, not being good enough... What are you afraid of? There are likely barriers in your mind you have established and don't even realize they prevent you from doing

things that might make you happy. I have notice a trend, people have ingrained beliefs regarding things that could make them happy, such as:

It would NEVER happen

It's not possible

there is NO way

Why waste my time, it will not work out

Certain beliefs are okay if those things are harmful or are not beneficial to you. For example, I KNOW I will never jump off a building without a parachute because I want a fulfilling life ahead of me. However, If I convince myself that there is NO way I will ever gain financial stability, I am preventing myself from taking the steps to achieve financial sability.

A real example of how I challenged a fear stems from a family vacation. You see, I have two children who love adventure. My son wanted to try the zip line tour above the mountain tops while we were in the Appalachians. I was determined to allow them to have that amazing experience (after doing research on the safety precautions the company took.) Being the mama bear I am, I decided that despite my fear of heights, I was going with them. What an amazing experience it was!

Three simple steps you can take to become aware of how you might be holding yourself back

1. Instead of accepting your thoughts as automatic truth, ask yourself where a particular thought comes from. Ask yourself what experience you have had in the past that applies to this thought. Consider the opposite, for example, if you say you are to old to go back to school ask yourself if you have the necessary life experience and maturity that would allow you to fully understand and comprehend the material you would be learning.

2. Try to see things through the eyes of a role model. For example, if you look up to Oprah, ask youself how she might look at the situation.

3. Look at the facts. For example, if you are considering a career change, do your research! Find out what would be necessary to make a transition: completing a course, training, getting a different degree. Sometimes the facts are not as complicated as we imagine them to be!

it's NOT happening

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