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"While working with Katey, I definitely noticed a positive change in my home and work organization.  She helped me with developing a schedule outline that I can use to plan the activities that I have to get done as well as making sure I schedule time for selfcare. I feel like because of her help, my stress has been reduced and I find more time available to get things done during the day.


My experience working with Katey has been a lot of fun!  She makes me laugh when she gives examples of things that happen personally in her life. This really helps me by knowing that someone is there and can help with their own life experiences.  This takes on a more personal approach rather than using only textbook examples found in other organizations I have been to.  She has been more than accommodating with drastic life changes that have happened to me allowing us to resume coaching when I was able to.  No one that I have worked with in the past has been this understanding and compassionate! 


For anyone that is considering hiring Katey, I have to say go for it!  You will take away so many great life tools that you can use each and every day!  She has such compassion and dedication to your success that it feels like you are loved from the moment you meet her!  With her never give up attitude and drive, she has shown me that anything is possible as long as you stick with it. 

Katey's fun and energetic disposition leaves you happy and recharged!  She is so full of life and excitement that you can't help but take that along with you afterwards!  I feel we really connected during our sessions and share my learnings with friends and family.  I look forward to talking weekly and actually am excited to make time for our meetings!  She's the best!  

One takeaway from coaching is that it arms you with tools to use in all sorts of situations rather than targeting specific topics. Coaching has given me an open forum where I have been able to talk about a lot of hard topics without feeling like I am being judged or my conversations are being recorded for someone to label me."    

Bob Bertermann, November 2021

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