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Comprehensive COACHING 

Executive Coaching

Customized individual coaching package to address your specific career goals and concerns in a confidential, safe space. Comprehensive assessment, goal identification, and progress evaluation are some of the important processes that you will be guided through step by step. The impact of coaching extends beyond your own personal accomplishments, success, and productivity. It infuses into the culture of the company or organization you are serving. The minimum timeline is Six-months, and sessions are weekly, in-person or remotely. 

Love Life Intentionally - Individual Coaching

Six-month individual coaching package that includes weekly calls or in-person sessions to get clear on your self-care and wellness routine so you can feel energized and motivated. Your experience will be customized to address your specific goals and challenges. Examples of common results are: strengthened relationships, improved communication, decreased stress, improved self-advocacy, better organization, and mastery of time management.  

Mini Assessment

Refresh, Reset and Reenergize

This mini-assessment will provide you with a clear picture of the areas in your life that are depleting your time and energy. It will identify red flags that are impacting your health and wellness in damaging ways such as feeling exhausted and crabby all the time.

After completing your mini-assessment and two coaching calls with Katey, you will be clear on at least 10 action steps to decrease your stress and boost productivity.

  • Improved confidence

  • Ability to Prioritize

  • Strengthened Relationships

  • Decreased symptoms of sadness

  • Decreased symptoms of worry

  • Established wellness routine

  • Self-care routine developed

  • Advocate for oneself

  • Clear boundaries and expectations established

  • Implementation of Fitness Goals

  • Increased efficiency

  • Enhanced self-worth

  • Goal identification

  • Detailed process to achieveme goals 

  • Improved energy levels

Client Results

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